Maria Stephanos

Maria Stephanos is an anchor for Fox 25 news. She is among Boston’s veteran broadcast journalists. She began her sterling career as a reporter until she became the main anchor of the station.


This woman from Groveland, Massachusetts love to tell stories that are happening from her community each night. It is an honor for her to cover news across the country and other parts of the world. She also loves to tell stories about neighborhoods from New England.

Maria’s Early Childhood and Education

Maria is always interested in communicating with people. As a little girl, she would line up stuffed animals as her audience. She would talk to them and tell them stories.

Her first powerful media experience was the television coverage of the death of Elvis Presley. She states that it was an incredible moment because her parents were mesmerized at the television set. And from that moment, she already knew what she wanted to do with her life.

After attending UMass Amherst, she went to Emerson and graduated there with a Communication degree.

Maria Stephanos’ First Job

Her first job was on the radio. She remembers it as an ecstatic moment because it was a huge accomplishment for her. It was a great job for her, and it was the greatest thing in the world for her at that moment.

She did news reportage on various radio stations before her transition into television. Maria knew that television is the better medium, so she took the opportunity when it came.

Maria  began her television career in 1997 as a reporter and worked her way to become a news anchor through her passion and skills. Another thing that she loves about working on TV is that she can speak her mind, and people love her opinions about different global issues. And she is admired because she is a professional media personality, not to speak of her glamour and beauty as a woman, as presented on the television screen.

Accomplishments of Maria Stephanos

She is a versatile reporter and she has been through various high-profile assignments. She has covered national, state, and local elections. She has been to republican and democratic conventions, and she has anchored numerous breaking news stories. Her political coverage skills and experience give her more success by having the opportunity to interview three United States Presidents.

She credits her success to her ability to balance family life and work. She embraces life as an adventure and she always moves forward. She can also make the best out of any situation. Besides being a news anchor, Maria is also a famous speaker, narrator, and emcee.

Other Interests

She is a fan and a supporter of the Foxboro little league. She also supports charitable organizations such as The Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Relay for Life, Rosie’s Place, The American Heart Association, Action for Boston Community Development, and The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The Philosophy of Maria Stephanos

She is an inspirational person because she believes that a person has the choice if he wants to grab an opportunity or not.

Maria serves as an inspiration to women because of her statement to never ever, ever give up. Maria is also telling her viewers to say no to disappointments.She continues her work as a media personality, and she continues to serve as an inspiration to many people.